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What is the TESLA Accelerator Installation?

The TESLA Accelerator Installation is an ion accelerator facility consisting of a compact isochronous cyclotron - the VINCY Cyclotron, an electron cyclotron resonance heavy ion source - the mVINIS Ion Source, a volume light ion source - the pVINIS Ion Source, and a number of low energy and high energy experimental channels. The construction of this facility has been going on the Vinca Institute of Nuclear Sciences, in Belgrade, Yugoslavia.

The scheme of the TESLA Accelerator Installation

The mVINIS Ion Source will be able to produce ions of gaseous as well as solid substances. It will be able to deliver, e.g., 40 µA of 150 keV N6+ ion beam, 50 µA of 275 keV Ar11+ ion beam, and 40 µA of 500 keV Xe20+ ion beam, with the emittances not exceeding 80 pi mm mrad. It will be able to give also heavy ions of lower energies - above 10 keV.

The pVINIS Ion Source will be able to deliver H-, D-, H2+, H3+, D2+, and D3+ ion beams with the currents higher than 500 µA, and the emittances smaller than 50 pi mm mrad.

The magnetic stucture of
the VINCY Cyclotron

The VINCY Cyclotron will be able to deliver, e.g., 4 µA of 27 MeV per nucleon N6+ ions, 5 µA of 11 MeV per nucleon Ar11+ ions, and 4 µA of 3 MeV per nucleon Xe20+ ions. It will be able to give also 2 µA of 66 MeV protons, 20 µA of 43-73 MeV deuterons, 40 µA of 22-36 MeV protons, and 60 µA of 11-16 MeV protons.

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