You have just arrived...
at my home page
or personal presentation!
Say like this. My name is Nevena. I have no nickname. Maybe Nena, but nobody really calls me like that.
I was born in Mostar, on the 30 July 1976. So, I am nearly 21. Nice number. By the way, I'm Leo-Libra.
Since I was six months old, I live in Belgrade. I love Belgrade. Do you? Don't know why!? The only thing that's awful is the weather. It's cold all the time.
I finished OS "V. Ribnikar" and there I started loving the french language. After that, I was in The Third Belgrade's high school. 
Now, I attend The University of Belgrade, The Faculty of Architecture. I have no major subject, cause I'm only at the second year.
I go out a lot (considering my free time). My favourite places are great cafes with fine atmosphere and live music (won't do the marketing for them!). Since I've mentioned music, I like soul, a little bit of jazz and L.A. rhythms (you'll see why!). 
I have many interests. Three things I like most are:
1. photography (I hope one day I'm going to be a professional)
2. dance (Now, you see why. Love to dance. For a while, I was in the ansamble, but I quit, cause it's my hobby, don't want it to be a profession)
3. astrology (Can't say that I believe in it, but I think it's most interesting and that it's got to do something with real life if you check it out seriously)
You thought I would say: Architecture... Well, it's too early to say that, but one day... Anyway, I'm glad I'm not studying anything else!
At last, but not least: Who do I hang out with? Hard to say in only few words. But, one picture is like a thousand words. So, see it and read it for yourself!
If you wish to throw me an email, (you can) do so! I'll write you back for sure.
Have fun!!!