Name: Nevena

Born: 7-30-1976 at 10:00 AM TimeZone: GMT+1 [Standard Time]


The Sun in Leo marks one who has a strong will and great ambition. These people usually enjoy being the center of attention and desire others to think well of them. Their creative accomplishments generally put them in the spotlight, usually outshining coworkers who may become jealous of their proud attitude. Like other Leonians, they are more concerned with the "big picture" than with the numerous small details in life. As such, they tend to enjoy being in authority and using whatever means are available to achieve their desires. Tact should be developed when dealing with those the Leonian finds "inferior".

Sun cojunct Saturn natives tend to have a small circle of close friends and loved ones. Having great self restraint, pride, and patience, they tend to be very hard working disciplinarians who are not verbose in speech.

Sun square Uranus natives are extremely willful and irrationally rebel against authority. They are very impulsive and sometimes fail to think before they spesk or act, often too their own detriment.

Sun trine Neptune natives generally are highly refined individuals with a love of the arts and good taste. They are sensitive to others and possess a creativity which gives them the edge in business and private affairs.

Sun sextile Pluto confers willpower, resourcefulness and the endurance to survive times of even eztreme hardship. They are masters of their own mind and may develop interest in meditation, eastern religions, or even the occult.


With Libra on the Ascendent, natives appear unassuming and shy around others. However, they strongly desire companionship and tend to get along very well with compatriots. These people like to please friends and many times will do things which, im their minds, is most fair and equitable since strife of any kind usually upsets natives a great deal. Their deep feelings about loved ones extend to work and career as well. Thus, they are most happy when they feel their work is benefiting both society as well as themselves. Also, natives express strong feeling about family but tend to think with their practically where romantic relationships are involved.

With Uranus in the First House, natives display a very individualistic personality, usually differing from the "mainstream". Also, they don't hesitate to voice their usually original ideas even through they may offend others.

Pluto in the First House indicates a personality which tends to self-introspection. Being a "loner" is an example of natives' own difficulty in opening themselves up to others. They must learn to trust other people.


Natives tend to respond to people and events around them in a shy, reserved manner. Generally, they like to "hide behind the scenes" when doing work, preferring to stay incognito, managing every detail and making sure all aspects of a project or relationship are " perfect". Like others with the Moon in Virgo, these natives pay close attention to detail, both in other people's thoughts and actions. Their response to others is frequently ruled by the appearance of health and neatness they see in others, which natives value in themselves, sometimes to the extreme.

Moon conjunct Mars indicates intense feelings which can result in a short temper, jealousy, or emotional frustration if they are not checked by reason. Impulsive and aggressive, natives can accomplish much if properly channeled.

Moon trine Jupiter confers a strong faith and altruistic tendencies. Natives tend to attract mates of similar character. They are genorous and giving people who se lives are blessed.

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