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Following the links on this page you`ll come across some mighty interesting topics which are sure to bring a smile on the face of each `n every (already elated) Awe32/64, SB32 owner. The kind, noble & utterly Anonymous author of these anonymous lines has been using SB32PnP card for about a year, during which he has gained enough experience working with it, and he`s looking forward to an exchange of ideas with all of you benign, adorable visitors. I have spent most of my time composing Techno, and you can feel free to explore the results of my work by simply clicking the magic word: The Anonymous. Also, if you happen to be in possession of min.2MB RAM on your Awe32/64 card, you`ll be able to hear some of the author`s works. Please feel at ease to criticise everything you hear.
Send all your suggestions, adorations as well as threats & insults to: