The Anonymous

Meet The Anonymous, the hottest Techno artist on the entire Yugoslav Techno scene! The Anonymous represents a direct outcome of long-term sound construction & experimentation, which has finally resulted in the form of an album release, appropriately titled "Europong". In case you`ve got an Awe32 sound card, don`t miss the opportunity to hear some of the previously unreleased tracks by the Anonymous included here, and don`t hesitate to comment on them either! All compliments, praise, adoration, hugs, kisses, love-bites, sex-proposals, insults, threats, blackmail, etc. are more than WELCOME!!!


Okay, these two songs are not my best shot. This is becouse I tried to find the smallest files with minimum use of unusual samples or SF2-SBK's. Files are very small and give you very best of techno (?) music with a regular General Midi sounds. There`ll be more ace stuff to come next time you come in!!!

NewWorld 41kB

Experimental music with strong & weird rythm.


Experimental - EBM -Ambient song. You will like this one !!!