Traci Takes Tokyo

From: rado
Subject: Review: TRACI TAKES TOKYO
Date: Fri, 20 Feb 98 20:00:43
Organization: Cyberpoint Cafe - Philippines

TITLE:                TRACI TAKES TOKYO                         
RELEASE DATE:         1986
                      and TOSHI TOKESHI
REVIEWER:             RADO
RATING:               2.20/4.00

        Gotten hold of this flick in Video-CD format and dreaded
renting it out. I figured that since the film was shot in Japan,
Japanese censorship (Meaning: sex organs are electronically erased/
digitalized) have also somehow affected it. You know how Japanese
adult flicks are, nudity and sex are okay, but just no showing of
pubic hair. But since it stars Traci Lords (and how VERY RARE her 
materials are), I took the risk and tried it on my new computer.

        No need to fear. The film's as it is, without cuts or digital
erasing. Truly, it's shot in Tokyo, Japan-as Traci herself (still 
underaged during that time) goes to Japan to try out the local 
Japanese porndom. In fact, Traci co-produced the flick with Mr. 
Cartier. The film very much looks like an 80's adult flick. High to
average production values. Lots of sexings with the cast. Though the
scenes are shot seemingly without much thought on how the positions
would come out onscreen. Looks very much like a quickie production. 
Hence, the sex scenes itself involving Traci comes out kind of 
lukewarm (for such a firecracker as Traci).

        Traci in Japan's nightlife-

        Traci checks out the night scenery of Tokyo city. From those
big drums to the disco pubs that dot the downtown area. She even tries
out the famous public baths, as we suddenly find her immersing herself
in a bubbling tub. She smokes a cigarette as she answers questions 
from a voice in the background. She soaps herself seductively. Her 
soft skin seemingly turning pink with the heat. Then, she washes
herself with the shower.

        Traci and the Virgin Boy-

        Traci is lying on a bed, wearing a royal blue bathrobe (more
like a kimono, really). She caresses herself as she makes erotic faces
for the camera. She pinches her tits. She rubs and fingers her pussy
under a white-floral panty. She moans out loud. She takes this dildo 
from nowhere and starts sucking on it slowly. Then, she summons a 
docile and silent Japanese guy from the background to come fuck her.
She undresses him and begin licking and pecking from top to bottom. 
She lovingly pecks his cock-still inside his brief. Sadly, no shots
of Traci blowjobbing the guy here. Suddenly, we see her mounting him 
cowgirl-style and no full body shots of both at that. Just close-up 
shots of their connecting sex organs and some brief half-body shots.
Traci makes her usual orgiastic moans, cries, and faces. After a few 
more brief strokes (still in the cowgirl-style), the guy cums on her

        Traci in a double-ended dildo dalliance-

        Traci is briefly introduced to a lady called Kyoko. She's 
supposed to be some hotshot pornstar in Japan during that time. 
Pleasantries are exchanged before we are treated to a standard lez 
scene, but a better scene no less. They caress and lick each other's
bodies. The heat goes higher with the appearance of a very long and
double-ended dildo to which Kyoko and Traci impales themselves on each
end. Both screams and moans in ecstasy as they ride the dildo. This 
goes on for a long while. Kyoko reach orgasm first, then it's Traci's
turn. As it is a pleasure in itself-- seeing her bucking back and 
forth wildly. And screaming. 

        Traci and the Japanese cast-

        Traci is introduced to the other actors and actresses in a
living room. A brief ensues until this Japanese guy shows this somekind
of aphrodisiac ointment to Traci. He makes an example of another 
Japanese girl to whom he rubs the ointment in her pussy. This has some
kind of effect on her as she starts to moan. Traci watches this in 
wonderment and intrigue. A few minutes later, she leaves the group and
goes to a very large bathroom. She sits on the lavatory while another 
Japanes guy follows her inside. Now, there's this other very special
lavatory where a stream of water gushes out and upward from the middle
of the hole. I suppose this has something to do with the known 
Japanese propensity for hygiene. A lavatory specially designed for 
ladies. She begins to seduce him by sitting with raised skirt over the
lavatory. She lets the gushing water wash her pussy. She makes faces 
at him. She urges him to fuck her while she slowly strips her clothes
off. She rubs and fingers her now very wet mound. She acts as if she's
fucking the sprouting water in cowgirl-style. Then, we suddenly see
Traci being licked while sitting on the bathroom sink. A few moments
later, she's sucking the guy's dick with her underneath the guy doing
a push-up. Also, after a few of this and then we see her lying spread-
eagled on the floor. The guy fingers her and sucks on her breasts like
a hungry baby. She moans and screams. Her whole body bucks with every 
movement of his fingers. Finally, he enters her in that position. 
Quiet suddenly, I might add. We just suddenly see his dick banging 
her bruised pussy. She's loving it. Until he comes on her breasts 
with a big load. And she sucks his dick clean.

        The next succeeding three scenes involve the Japanese cast
which consist of the usual fingering and moaning of the girls. The 
pairings fuck each other and the guys cum on the girls' stomachs or
pussy. Not much of important note though their scenes seem to be 
better shot than Traci's b/g scenes.

        Traci and Stephen-

        At least he must be, since he's the only other Caucasian in 
the credits. Both are alone in the living room. Traci is wearing the
blue kimono she used during her very brief masturbation scene. They
kiss passionately. She strips naked and kneels before him. He fondles
her breasts while he strips off. She begins to go down on him. She
sucks like she's sucking for meat on a bone marrow. Director Cartier
shows us shots of what it looks like to be a cock entering Traci's 
mouth. Out and in, out and in. With a mouth opened wide, you could 
see the tonsils inside. Nice touch, but hey, is Cartier a dentist or
what? He must really be interested in Traci's tonsils. Like anyone
would be interested in what a pussy looks like inside while a cock
enters. Then, we find Traci bending over to be taken from behind.
Which the guy certainly wants and does. So, more of Traci with her 
trademark moaning, screaming, making faces, etc. Like  clockwork, I
might add. It doesn't come off as natural. It's as if she's trying to
please some people very much (Maybe her Japanese hosts). The guy 
doesn't even look convincing in a way that he is pleasuring her. He
pumps mechanically and he shoots his scarce jism on her cute butt.

        Traci epilogues in a bathtub-

        Traci is back in the same tub. She listens to a translator
telling her that she's the greatest and that the Japanese people are
very much thankful to her for giving them the opportunity to work 
with her-a famous and great pornstar. It's a great pleasure. She 
replies that she enjoyed it all too and give thanks.


        Cartier is a French sounding name, so he must be French. If
he's French, then he's no French in making adult flicks. French and
erotica go along together. But not in this case, I must say. Traci's
scenes, especially the b/g comes off as wasted material/shots. To 
say that production values are high since they shot it abroad is a 
big overstatement. They should have stayed in the US and shot it 
there, and maybe, just maybe, the scenes would have been much better.

        A fair rental for moderates. Avoid for ultra-raincoaters. 
But, a must for Traci fanatics.


Reviewer's Rantings:

        I've always believed that Traci Lords is an exception to the
rule/law of not getting into the business of watching adult flicks
with under-aged performers during the making of those videos. Traci
may have been underaged (not to mention-pull a fast one on the 
authorities and the adult industry itself) but she clearly and
willingly knew the kind of things she was going into. She's 
intelligent and wise to the ways of the world, and she used them to
get herself into the position where she became very successful and
was very proud of her work. A smart girl who became a lady very early
in life. And from all looks and angles, she clearly was a veteran.
And I think most of the others would agree with me. 

        Traci Lords films do not constitute kiddie porn. I, myself, 
abhors exploitation of minors - even in the adult industry (teen pics,
below 18 stuff, etc.), and stay away from web sites dealing with 
amatuer pics featuring teen pics and such. Much better to stick with
the pros (such as Racquel Darrian, Paula Price, Zara Whites, Aja, etc.
Now, these ladies do know what they were going into. And they shaped
the porn industry as we know it nowadays.

        Somebody said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. And 
it's not just limited to the humans but to animals as well. Take the
case of the snakes. There's the Filipino belief that the eyes of the
snakes are just more than the windows. They're photographic too. In
the event that a snake is killed by a human, it's eyes take a clear
image of its killer and the image registers on its eyes. So that when
the snake's companions or loved ones come along, they will know who
did it and they will know who will they exact their revenge on.
Because the evidence of the crime is in the snake's eyes where the
others could clearly see. So, if ever you willingly or accidentally
kill a snake, make sure you squash or break the snake's head and 
eyes--destroying its capability to take an image of you. And bury it
immediately. Don't leave it there on the field or anywhere outside
where other snakes could see it. No kidding. This is a widely known
belief and fact.

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