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 Dobro doshli u Nidzin ICQ komunikacioni centar! Ostavite mi poruku, ako sam on-line videcu je na mom ICQ! Hvala!

  of Nikola Vukelic
If you wish to chat with me directly from here enter a greeting in the text field and click Enter. If I am online I will be notified of your visit and will join you in a chat.
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There are four ways to contact me through the ICQ network. The following are my ICQ contact addresses.

If you have ICQ...
Contact me using my ICQ#:
First Name: Nikola
Last Name: Vukelic
ICQ#: 8904422

If you do not have ICQ...
You can contact me through my EmailExpress address or my Web-Pager:
Handle/Nickname: SuperNick
ICQ Communication Center Address:

If my ICQ Homepage is activated...
You can contact me through my:
Personal ICQ Homepage Address:
If my ICQ Homepage is not activated you will be redirected to my Personal Communication Center on the ICQ Web site and can contact me from here.

My ICQ Web-Page Address is:

Nikola Vukelic's Personal World-Wide-Pager
You can send me a message directly from this page. Fill in the following form and click the Send Message button at the end of it.
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The World-Wide Pager and the EmailExpress are for personal use only. Mass paging, mailing and spamming are strictly prohibited and infringe the Terms of Service.


Your message will be delivered to the user immediately, appearing on his/her screen. If he/she is not logged on, he/she will receive this message as soon as he/she connects to the net.

Please note: Your message is stamped with your IP address and the time of sending.

My Homepage address is: %M

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If you have ICQ and my status is online you can chat me and message me right now, right from here without adding me to your contact list.

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How to use it:
If you have a running ICQ program you can hit the Add Me, Chat Me or ICQ Me buttons and communicate with me by ICQ

Netscape Users:
If you are prompted to Save File or Pick App select Pick App and browse to your ICQ.exe file location (usually C:Program FilesICQICQ.exe)

Internet Explorer Users:
If you are prompted to Save As or Open select Open
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My EmailExpress Address is:

Send me an Email to this address:
You can send me an e-mail message right from here by clicking on the above link.

Note: If the user chose not to post his/her email address in the personal details or the ICQ Whitepages directory, the email will not show above.

Send me an EmailExpress to this address:
You can send me a short message (up to 450 characters) directly to my screen. If I am online, the message will appear on my screen immediately. If I am offline, the message will appear on my screen as soon as I connect to the internet.

Send me an Email and notify me by ICQ
You can send me an e-mail message and notify me by ICQ. In this way I will get your message using my regular e-mail client and in addition I will get the first 450 characters of your message as an ICQ EmailExpress message.
You can click the button to send me an e-mail and notify me by ICQ or you can do so from your ICQ client: Right-click on my nickname in your contact list, select Email then click the Send Email + Notify by ICQ
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