Welcome to Ivan's (remo's) homepage.
Just a place you'd think would be normal, where you can find a lot of interesting stuff, homemade programs, cool links, lasciv photos and other things forbiden by the goverment, but you're wrong...

Something complete different!

In the deepest moment of my existence, when the time for sleep was needfull, I came up with this utterly stupid idea to form a homepage, and spend a enormous amount of time. When everything seemed so perfect clear, I looked to the mirror and said "Why everything?". Answer came very fast "42!".
And I sad to myself "This is OK way to show people who you are, and what you think. Show them around and inside, how the things works. They like it!"
OK to the heart of the thing. You see some fancy icons down there. OK? Whith them you go to the strange worlds. Mine and yours. Enjoy!

Do you feel

16th of July 1996 Ivan Recevic