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Last name: Petric

First name: Djordje

Date and place of birth: 27. 08. 1972, Paracin, Yugoslavia (Serbia)

Citizenship: Yugoslav (Serb)

Country: Yugoslavia (Serbia)

Hometown: Belgrade

What have I done last year (1996):

- Acquired a Diploma at the University of Belgrade, with the highest grade, obtaining the professional title Graduate economist

- Enrolled at the post graduate studies at the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade

- Through AIESEC program of exchange stayed 6 months in Germany at the students business training in the firmCoopers & Lybrand Consulting (C&L Unternehmensberatung Hamburg)

Languages: German and English

I like: sport and traveling

Obsession: natural beauties (women included)

Hobby: painting

E-mail: djpetric@afrodita.rcub.bg.ac.yu