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Hello, surfer...

You look familiar to me. I think I know you from somewhere. Maybe you've been here before? If not, then perhaps we already met somewhere in CyberSpace. Anyway, welcome to our community.

We are a peaceful colony, located at quiet part of CyberSpace. Sometimes, we trade some goods with northern colonies. As a governer of this community, I set the rules here. All members, strangers and visitors of my community must obey this rules:
  • The First Rule is do what you want here, and stay as much as you want
  • The Second Rule: any CyberPerson who violates The First Rule shall be kicked out of this colony permanently.
For a quick introduction to founder of this colony, please apply for Guided Tour. It's free, and it's very interesting. Many tourists surf here from the spots located many CyberMiles away, just to see this.

If you are searching for the wisdom of the Universe, you came at the wrong time, because the Planet's Library is temporarily offline. You'll be noticed on Library's reactivation.

Our Hospital can help you, if you encountered any diseases during your CyberTravel. Even if you are completely healthy, our medics can make you more resistant to various viruses.

If you want to explore the most interesting worlds of today, take a HyperTaxi and go to the Spaceport. There are some departures right now, and CyberTickets are very cheap.

At last, if there is something you want to share with us, or something to report, I am waiting for you at the Contact Office.
NOTE: This community, called Boban's Personal Planet is built of 100% recycled HTML tags, using Notepad Technology.

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Last updated: September 14th, 1999.