Yupp, it's them!

From Tibet:


(left to right) Dave Janusko, Dan Jewett, Marty Jones, Adam Duritz and Chris Roldan

Himalayans is one of the bands Adam Duritz was with before Counting Crows. The song "Round Here" is actually a Himalayans song. In 1995 they re-released their album "She Likes the Weather". If you'd like to order it contact drjewett@earthlink.net.


Nothing But a Child (171Kb)
"Nothing but a child, baby
  Nothing but a child, baby
  Nothing but a child, baby
  In your arms, I am.."

Diamonds and Babies and Cars (161Kb)
"This time she starts to cry
  And everyone stares at the ground
  Nobody says a word"

Jaded (241Kb)
"Saw you hangin' around the avenue, baby
  So I got down out of my tree
  I think I need a little animal honey
  Come on and shake a little monkey with me

  Jaded. Faded.
  I don't wanna be afraid"

Save My Life (90Kb)

River Shannon (88Kb)
"But I might be dreamin'
  I can see, you don't believe me.."

She Likes the Weather (268Kb)
"She likes the weather today
  She said 'It's rainin' in my head'
  All of the flowers I've raised
  Come up a little cloudy

  Hey, hey, hey, hey
  'Let's go down to the underground', she says
  'I wanna shake shake shake shake my blades'.."


I would like to thank Dan Jewett for all material I received from him. Thanks for letting me post audio samples!
Your music rocks!